Hello, and welcome to my blog. Here, you can find my health and fitness motivation, my weigh ins, my workouts, my successes and failures. You can find all my videos from my YouTube channel, both my vlogs and my filmed videos. This is a place for me to not only express myself, but also share my weight loss experience. It’s hard, and doing it alone is harder. But I want this to be a place of community. A place where others come to find inspiration, and to inspire me. I don’t talk about health and fitness a lot, it’s honestly only a small facet of my life. But I wanted a place that I could talk about it as much as I wanted to. As much as I needed to.

As for my YouTube channel, you can read all about that here. But it’s basically me. All sides of me, and I just want you to have access to all my videos in one convenient place.

I think that’s all for now. The title says it all.

Welcome to my story