A new way to Connect

As my first post, I want to say welcome! Thank you for stopping by and checking my blog out. This isn’t anything formal, but I wanted to share a little more of myself with you all. Everyone has been so supportive in my YouTube channel, and I wanted to reach out and start a little more of a discussion in a new space.

I want to open this up as a forum to explore our thoughts and feelings in a judgement free zone. I think that open communication is key to forming good and lasting relationships.

These are just my thoughts. Nothing revolutionary or outlandish. Just some things that are a little too long to talk about in my vlogs, and maybe some things that I want to take the time to sit down and think about. And who knows, maybe you’ll get some stories out of it.

Please feel free to follow my blog, and please let me know of any changes that should be made to the blog for easier access, more appealing layout, or different content. if you ever have a question, connect with me, let’s start a dialogue. If you ever want to bring up a topic, just let me know. i would love to find out more about you and what you think.

All of my social media links are listed on the site, except Snapchat, which is just Nerdalamode.


Have a wonderful day and keep your chin up.



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