Afternoon Yoga

Today I did 35 minutes of yoga off a YouTube channel called Yoga with Adrienne. Her voice is very calming and the phrases she uses especially helped me to calm down. I’m tired afterward, but happy I did it.

I’ve also started to keep track of my weight, food, water, and sleep. Hopefully these things will help me be more self aware.

Ty is painting the bedroom right now, so I have a few minutes of quiet while Ella grills him on everything he is doing and using.

For Christmas I got some new measuring cups and they have been helping me exponentially with keeping track of my portions. They are beautiful as well and feel heavy in the hand, making me want to use them.

Today I’m also starting to think of ideas for writing prompts that I want to start in the new year. My goal is 1 a week for the whole year. I am also going to be working on these writing and art prompt books that my mom gave me. They are full of unique and interesting ideas. I’m excited.

So far, my food has been healthy and balanced, I’ve been drinking are lot of water and I’ve done some physical activity. So far, today has been successful.  I was going to wait for the new year, tomorrow, Monday, but I didn’t.  And I am proud of myself for that.

Do something that makes you proud of yourself today.



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