Another day, a sweet daughter

Sometimes being present and in the moment with someone you love is the best gift you can give them, the best way to calm a restless spirit or show another person that there is time in this world for them. We are all busy. We all have things to do and places to be. To live with intention in our everyday lives is hard. We are constantly be pulled this way and that. Sometimes, to set a goal for yourself as simple as “give this person 30 minutes of my day” can mean so much more to them and to you.

Ella was running around, squinting toothpaste into the sink, throwing socks at the dog and overall, causing u due stress to everyone around her, and to herself by constantly getting in trouble. I set my intention and we sat down and did yoga together. It was a total 180. After we finished our 30 minutes of yoga snuggling (because that’s exactly what it becomes with Ella) I asked her to go put her laundry away, and she is up there now, sorting, and tucking her little garments into her labeled bins. At first, I started today out stressed and overwhelmed, but then I decided that I stead of reacting like I normally would, I strove for peace and outside thinking. Why was she acting this way? Why continue to misbehave after getting I  trounce let over and over? Attention. She wasn’t being stimulated or getting enough attention. So she was reprimanded and punished for her bad actions and then given a chance to redeem herself.

Living with focus and intention is not always possible. I’m sure things will get crazy and unbalanced again. But for now, I am taking things one day, at the most one week, at a time. I just have to keep telling myself that there are enough hours in the day. Anything that didn’t make it within those hours gets pushed to the next day. They become priority and the cycle continues.

Find your cycle. Find those little things in your life that you can control. Don’t put sugar in your tea, change your peanut butter to almond butter, take a deep breath before completely losing your shit on your kid, give your partner an extra kiss. These are small changes that can become habits.

Once you find your center, you are sure to win. -Shang


Ps: This yoga was done at 12pm, I’m just getting around to writing this up. My child does not stay awake until 11pm. I promise.


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