Another day

Another day, another yoga session, this one a little shorter than the last. My nose is stuffy and my throat is sore, which made doing yoga a bit more difficult than normal, but I guess mouth breathing in a session isn’t uncommon.

My day started out with a lovely sleep in session, in which I got to sleep in until 8am, only to awake to destroyed crafts, cut projects and lost pom poms. I can tell you now, selling my child was highly considered. I’m at a loss for what to do. I know that Ella going back to school will fix these behaviors, but until then, how do I balance keeping my ninja daughter in her room, without installing a deadbolt into her door so that she can go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? These are the things I ponder while trying to clear my mind of any distraction or problem.

It also doesn’t help that while struggling to maintain downward dog, I have a toddler looking around me for said lost pom poms (which I made to put on the top of her hat, which she also cut), yelling: “I can’t find them! I can’t find them!”

There are certain joys of parenting that you can’t deny. And I’m sure that proud mom moment will well up inside me when I watch her cross the stage, honors diploma in hand, scholarships for a top teir school in the mail and approved applications in our hands. But for now, I have to calm myself with those images so that the reality of my 4 year old in a onesie shouting that she’s unable to see anything, which trying to shed years of emotional eating, doesn’t propelled me closer to the edge of the cliffs of Insanity.

That being said, the rest of my day was peaceful and productive, and altogether good for my crafter’s soul. I even recorded a new video for Wednesday, and I recorded a planner spread video for #Craftuary.weird? I think so. But I kinda like it…..

I’ll see all of you tomorrow night, hopefully Inigo will throw me the rope.




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