Calm Productivity

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, this year’s motto is STRIVE. I have been doing a lot of that already. Today was a pretty hectic day. Ty has gone back to work after having many weeks off, ella was full of energy, but couldn’t play outside in regards to it being -15° C out, and I had a plate full of things I wanted to accomplish on my to do list.

And because I knew I would forget to take the picture after, I took it right before. I’m tired, I’m sore, and all I want to do it sleep and eat Caramel corn, but I have things to do and goals to meet so this is it for today. I accomplished a lot on my to do list today. And while at first, I felt like there weren’t going to be enough hours in the day, but with completely g each task of everything after the other and taking breaks when I needed to, I was able to get the things I needed to done and I was still able to relax. Just taking it one day at a time. That’s what is working. One day at a time.


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