Meal Prepping?!

Today, I meal prepped. I’ve never done this before, so I started out with the basics. Matcha banana muffins and  chocolate chip& banana muffins for healthy snacks and breakfast add ons through the week and into next.

Then, boiled my white beans for the chili and my lunches. Cut up the garlic, peppers and onions for the chili.

I also made vegan meatballs and separated them into two plastic bags for the freezer. One for this week, one for next. I also cut and boiled my potatoes so that I could mash them when I want to eat them, either for lunch or supper.

Then onto lunch. I wanted to prep 95% of my food. I despise eating the same thing over and over again. Ask anyone. Especially my poor husband. So, I had the idea to prep and portion out a Mexican style base for all my lunches (I’m very bad at eating breakfast and lunch). The base is Yves veggie ground round, tomatoes, avocados, corn, cilantro, jalapenos, red onion, white beans, lettuce, red pepper, and taco seasoning. (I think I got it all) and for my carb, I will either have this filling in tortillas, on rice, on quinoa, or maybe even mixed with some macaroni and cheese I have planned for later in the week. I also have taco sauce, hot sauce, CheeSauce, and home made salsa to put over it. This way, I am not eating the same thing exactly for lunch, and I, personally, cannot get enough Tex-Mex in my life.
This took from about 11am to 3, so a good chunk of the day, but I also wasn’t very prepared and had to do a lot of recipe checking and preparing Ingredients I should have already had done (see: boiling navy beans all morning). I think as I progress, I will learn more and I am just hoping that this system will help me be healthier about the foods I am eating, prevent me from taking the easy way out and eating out, and also prepare me for the week ahead.

If you meal prep, let me know, and share some of your favorite recipes with me. I will go in and share all the recipes I used with you later, now, I have a playdate. I hope your week is good and I hope that if you are looking to make healthy choices for your food this week, then you have my well wishes and my support.




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