A Setback

Obviously, ignore the BMI, I do. It would say I am obese even if I was 150 lbs. BMI is nothing to go on. What is to go on is the number that has been reflecting on the scale. Last week, I was 195.0 lbs. I had worked hard, not let my emotions rule my week, and got back on track by Thursday to straighten myself out. This week, I did the opposite.  I let my stomach rule my heart, and in doing so, I gained back all the weight I fought to lose last week. A disappointment, yes, but as I spoke about in my post yesterday, I need to be firm, but kind to myself about this. And in all honesty, I saw it coming, which is why I meal prepped the way I did yesterday, so that when I syepped on that scale this morning, and saw that ugly number, I couldn’t run to food. I could hide behind food. I couldn’t console myself with calories and sugar.

This morning, I feel heavy. But I know that I can turn this feeling around. Turn it I to determination and passion and movement. Because that’s what this is all about. Not erasing the mistakes you’ve made, but morphing them into something you can say you rose above.



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