I’ve Forgotten

I’ve forgotten if I did a blog post last week when I weighed myself. I do it every week, on Monday, same time, same clothes (or, uh, lack…there…of……), after I use the washroom, before I shower. Every Monday since January 2nd. *edit* Now I do this on Sundays. And not only am I proud that I haven’t forgotten to do that, but I’m happy to share it with you.

Last week, I was 198.2. I pretty much gained back all the weight I had worked so hard to get rid of once and for all. It came back because I let my guard down. I lapsed back into old eating habits, and I paid for it.

So this week, when I set out to exercise, eat well, and not nap, I definitely hit the nail on the head. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy about a weekly weigh in, in years. It’s a couple pounds closer to my ultimate goal, a couple pounds closer to being healthier, stronger, faster, more flexible, and, while some may not agree, happier.

While I don’t put stock I to BMI, or even a standard weight scale for everyone, I do believe that with each pound I lose, I become happier, more content, and it’s not what you might be thinking. I still because of how I feel. With the extra weight on my body, I am slow, lethargic, sore and stiff. I just want to eat and nap and play video games. And that’s not the lifestyle I want to present to ella. That’s not the lifestyle I want to lead. I want to go outside, enjoy exercising, dancing, playing with my child. With every pound that I struggle to lose, I become not only a healthier me, but a happier me.

And that’s what this whole gig is about. Happiness. Contentment. Freedom.

So while I do not celebrate skinniness or fatness, I do celebrate healthy bodies, healthy minds and mindsets, and making the best choices for YOU. If you are healthy at your weight, then by all means, celebrate whatever spot you are at right now. It’s when food takes priority over health, when chasing a number on the scale takes priority over health, when looking a certain way takes priority over health, that is the time to step back and change something you are doing.

That is the time to reach out and make and change for the better. I realized that I was making food and enjoying food a priority over my health. I was having chest pain, soreness in my muscles, just walking around, a Chinese in my joints, and an overall feeling of utter exhaustion constantly. Food is indeed here to be savored and enjoyed, but not to excess, which was what I was doing.

So that has changed, for the better, and hopefully, this continues to change as I grow as a person through the year, but also remains as an overall goal for me. Strive for health. And as the old saying goes, six packs are made in the kitchen. I like to say healthy lives are made in the kitchen. But it doesn’t have the same ring.




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