So the top image is me recording my weight without the phone in my hand, the bottom image, I obviously took it. Granted, I could have asked Ella to take it for me, but I was worried it would be too blurry.

Regardless….this is proof that hard work and determination are Not reflected in the first few weeks of changing your lifestyle/working out/eating right. Drinking more water, your period, your body flushing itself of toxins, having an indulgent eating week, stress, not being able to work out enough, or even working out too much, will all effect your weight results. Which is why, while u was sometimes discouraged, I never gave up.

That’s the biggest thing, overcoming your own  brain. No one tells you that losing weight is mental as well. It’s emotionally and mentally exhausting. It’s mentally challenging and no one ever seems to me think that.

But it makes sense. Admitting that you’re doing things wrong is hard. Admitting that in this part of your life, you’ve messed up, is hard. Forcing yourself to make those smarter changes, those big changes, that need to be made, is hard on your psyche. No one likes to admit that they are struggling or that they are bad at eating the best food for their bodies, or that they lack the necessary motivation to get up and exercise, or even walk around. I don’t even like it! But it’s part of being human! We mess up. We’re bad at things. And that’s okay. That’s perfect. But doing nothing about it once your health is at risk is not okay.

Now obviously I’m not saying that through the power of positive thinking, your pounds will melt away. But, if you give up on yourself because you gain weight, or you have a “bad” meal or you don’t go to the gym on your scheduled date and time. It’s only when those things go from being once in a while occur ancestors you largely try to avoid, to avoid habit, is when you need to reevaluate. You have to regroup, reset, re-strategize, and relax. Breathe, make avoid plan, write avoid list, really look at what is realistically working avoided not working for you. Does it sucks? Yes. But you have to do it.

I was dreading doing good my weight in. I worked my ass off this week and I was terrified that it wasn’t going to show. But it has. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I have a goal that I want to achieve.  And while losing weight might not be in it for you, maybe you are trying to bulk up, or you aren’t keeping tabs on your weight, just your size, or whatever is best for you, the principal is the same. Constant reevaluation and honest, gentle, self evaluation are needed.

And like anything, even this gets easier with “practice”. No one just becomes good at something the first time they pick it up. You have to practice. The more you choose a granola bar over a chocolate bar, or an apple over a peices of pie, or water over soda, the more proficient you become making those choices. Same with eating, same with exercising, not only the physical part, as you get stole yo’! (Sorry), but the act of going to exercise as well.

I always used the wonder how people just “fit in” their exercise. And now I know because I’ve done it. If you have the time for a walk, take the walk, if you have time for the gym, go to the gym, and if there is ever a chance to run and play with your kids, then do that! Even incorporating them I to your workout is beneficial. Seeing how hard their parent works is an great motivator for kids to get involved or behave in an similar way.

Which brings me back to the mental aspect of it.

No one likes to see another person suffer. Whether it’s because they will think you’re a complainer or because they care for you, no one likes to listen to a person who constantly complains about the food they have to eat, the weight they still have to lose, or the workout they have to do. Not only does this show your kids that doing all this hard work sucks, and gives them a negative impression about eating right and exercising, but it also can discourage friends about doing family members who are on the fence. It’s a great motivator to not only learn how to prepare and make amazing food (even if it’s simple!!!!)(especially of its simple!!!), but also put also different perspective on your workout.

Sore? You need water, to stretch, and it’s your body getting sexay!

Tired? Again, water, maybe a bit of tea or coffee, and this is your body’s way of telling you that you did a great job.

Is the workout hard? If you need to cry about it, do so, and then step up to the challenge. (Speaking of challenges, I’m doing one, starting today, if you’re interested, check insta, fb, and snap)

I’ve rambled on enough, good on ya if you’re still here.

I’ll see you later




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