So this is it

So I guess this is where my weightloss/healthy posts will go. This isn’t what I had planned, but it is working, and that’s all that matters. For the rest of my writing, go to reddit.

Anyway, I gained weight again. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going Rogue be actually. Which is weird to me because I was sure I was going to be heavier than ever. But I gained less than a pound (I think I can’t rememeber what I weighed last week).

I worked my ass off exercising this past week. Tuesday was aquafit and I was damn proud of myself that I went because I was the only person there. I could have said no because the weather was crappie assad I was tired but I didn’t.  Thursday was assndnother walk. I was in such assndnother usher to get it done though that I didn’t even log it. Friday was Pole fitness. And I love going. It gives me a total body workout just swinging around a pole and dancing to music.

I also ate my weight in junk food. Fries, soda, ice cream, cake, pie, and lots and lots of grilled cheese (damn you earth balance for being so delicious!!!!). And even with all that work, I still gained because abs are made in the kitchen.

Monday is my “cheat day”. And I think my next weight loss checking video will be all about setting myself up for success during the week. Because I have finally found a routine that does just that. And I’m sticking with it.

That’s not to say I’m perfect. I do stumble, I do fall, but I’m always going to pick myself up.

This weekend was rough-a large snow storm drifted through, causing a lot of plowing to happen, Ella was sick pretty much all weekend, I am sick and things are gloomy and cold all around.

(I don’t really know where I was going with this because this blog post is actually a week old, so basically it was a rough week, the blog is changing, and keep your chin up.i don’t know why this didn’t post, but shame on me for not checking)



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