Health & Fitness

A summary:

I am a wife, a mother, an animal lover, plant based food lover, nerd, and YouTuber who is trying to lose about 50 pounds this year.

My starting weight on January 1st, 2017 was 198.6 lbs.

My goal is on December 31st, 2017 to be 150 lbs.

I weigh in on Sunday morning, before 9am.

Follow my journey through the Health & Fitness tab.

A few housekeeping items:

When I post my weight, I post one picture of the S Health app I use, and that is my first weigh in, without my phone. The picture I post is immediately after, but it reflects  differently because I have my phone in hand to take the picture. I weigh myself every Sunday morning before 9am.

I am NOT a registered dietitian, or health expert or fitness expert. I do what I feel is right for my body. I have spoken to my doctor, who has agreed with everything that I’m doing and given me the go ahead. Please seek your health care provider or local dietitian for advice.

In order to track a lot of my activity as accurately as possible, on S Health, I have done some research as to what activities most closely match my exercise. So when I post my activities or exercises on S Health, in the post I will say what I’ve just done, but just as a quick reference in case you’re confused:

Aerobics: At home workout (see this post)

Dancing: Pole fitness

Ballet: Barre class

Stretching: See this post

All other workouts, yoga, walking, circuit training, etc., are self explanatory.

As far as workouts go, pretty much anytime I do a workout that is NOT at a class, I will post it, or I will post what video I followed, or what routine I followed, etc. I am all about credit where credit is due.

I post my weekly summary on S Health every Sunday or Monday. It’s just for accountability and to let people know where I’m at. Some days I’m good at tracking everything, other days, I suck.

I post videos once a month on my channel, letting you know where I’m at in my journey, my head space, and my goals.

Good luck with what you are striving for and have a great day.


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