This is the at home, body weight workout that I picked up from Steve Kamb over at Nerd Fitness.  Make sure to go check the site out, and learn a think or two about being epic.

Warm up: run up and down the stairs 1 minute then shoulder rolls for 3o seconds each way then core twists for 30 seconds.

-20 squats

-10 pushups

-10 dumbell rows (with 1 gal. jug)

-15 sec plank

-30 jumping jacks

I have started with doing just 1 set of this workout. next month will be 2 sets, and so on until I get up to 5 sets. It’s easy to modify to your personal fitness level, and if you can’t do the jumping jacks, do mountain climbers and high knees, or something else you can modify to get your heart rate up.




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