Things Change

It’s 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday night, and while most people are not trying to sleep at this point, I was. That plan obviously ended horribly.

I was laying in bed, my sour patch kid, snoring next to me in bed, and I had a thought. Change. Big changes and little changes lie ahead of me. My husband is coming home soon, a big change, I am upping my exercise schedule, a little change. With the return of my partner, Ella will need to sleep in her own bed again, and while that thought saddens me, it also fills me with no small amount of relief, because of the implications of that shift in our routine.

I lost weight this past week. After two weeks sitting at 197.2, I weighed myself this morning and had gone down to 192.8, a total loss of 4.4 lbs for the week and an overall loss of 5.8 lbs this year. Not where I wanted to be, but not bad either. And as I sit here and think of change, and how it impacts my life, I started to think of how much easier things will be when my husband is home. I will have more energy, more time, more motivation. And while many people might say that, I know it to be true, because it happens every time to me. Every time he returns, I have more time on my hands. I can ask for hep, I can utilize my partner and treat him as such. And I relish that thought. Yes, will it take some getting used to having him home? Of course, it always does and always will, but I look forward to that transition. Every time he leaves, the transition to solo-parenting becomes easier. The other side of that coin is that we get better at him rejoining the family as well.

It’s never easy, and I don’t expect it to be, but we are getting better at it.

I made a video about the things that changed over my and Ella’s Spring Break. I don’t know if I’m going to post it or not, TBD, but if it is, it will definitely be linked on this blog.

I mentioned upping my exercise as well. And I fully intend on doing that. This plays into the whole, having more time, aspect of having a husband in the house again. I am adding workouts, specifically, abs, upper body and full body, to my weekly exercise. Right now, Tuesday I do Barre and Friday I do pole fitness. The weight loss of eating right and exercise last week has spurred me to push myself even more this week. I am targeting the areas that I want to focus on. I am focusing on strength n certain areas of my body. Barre already focuses on my lower body, and pole focused on flexibility and upper body. I want to focus n full body as well, but my other focus is core strength. I may never have a six pack, but I want to be strong. Not only to enhance my body, but also to help me progress in pole. It’s a sport I really enjoy, and ideally, I’d love to keep going with it. I will be exercising Monday through Friday, and we will see if that changes after this week, but I at least want to try it. if I think I can sustain it, then I will post my workouts up here. if not, you will be the first to know. I also want to incorporate yoga and flexibility into my training, but I think that will have to come in a few more weeks.

Back to spring break. It was cold and slightly miserable outside, but overall, not horrible. My best friend came and stayed with me, which was super fun. I got my nose pierced, I got my hair chopped off, and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for the first time in years. Overall, it was a fantastic trip.

I’m also typing this in bed because I got a brand new laptop/tablet. It’s a Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows 10 on it, and I think I’m in love, just so you know. My desktop computer is kovely, and I still do all of my editing and such on that one, but I love being able to reply to an email, schedule a date, or Skype someone on my laptop. It’s a beautiful thing.

I think that’s about it for this post. Tomorrow starts a new week of exercising, Ella starts some programs, and many more changes. I hope to update you again, soon. Have a lovely night.




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