Back At It

“Check out my Cardio Rhythm session on Fitstar!

I finished a 33 minute @Fitstar Session and burned 279 calories with 25 seconds Plank Jacks ”

That’s what the blog post would say if I left it at that. But I don’t want to. I just filmed a fitness/health update for you guys, and it was brutally honest. Maybe brutally is the wrong word. It wasn’t painful to be honest and open about my journey, about falling off the wagon, about my struggle with food, about my longing to feel good in my skin. And I wasn’t mean to myself. Since the beginning of this year, I have made it a goal to be nothing but patient with myself, which is why, when I gave up for 2 months, when the world seemed to be against me, I haven’t beaten myself up over it. I’ve felt upset over it, and there have been a couple times where I’ve even gotten mad about it, but I’ve never told myself that it was because I was weak, or less of a person. And that is a huge step for me.

SO to say that this was a hard workout, would be an understatement. I’m exhausted, I procrastinated all day, and I didn’t drink nearly enough water beforehand and now I’m cramping and my stomach is all sloshy with water. But, I did it. I finished it. Weak and wobbly and sweating, but I finished it. And today, tonight, that’s all that matters. Tomorrow, will be another workout, another set of challenges to overcome. But, I will overcome.

The wonderful thing about fitness and health and especially exercise is that it all rests in your control. And yes, there are always exceptions, but that is what I tell myself to keep me going. This is the one aspect of my life that I have total control over. Total. No one can tell me what kind of workout to do, no one can tell me I have to workout at home, or that I have to workout at the gym. I can do any type of workout I want at any intensity at (almost) anytime (I do have a job after all)! And that feeling of power and control and determination that I felt when I realized that fact…well, let’s just say, nothing has motivated me more.

I will be posting that video link on here, as well as all my other social media, so make sure you go and check that out.

Have a good night




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