Hello! I am Caitlynne and I am Nerd à la Mode!

What does Nerd à la mode mean exactly?

So. Many. Things.

In November of 2015, my husband and I were in a horrible place. In order to try and salvage what little of our marriage we had left, we went to a marriage councilor. At the end of that first meeting, I had been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, and was told to seek medical help immediately. The next day, I saw my doctor, who prescribed me an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication. I was lost, and alone, and felt isolated from everyone and everything around me. I felt as though my mind was not my own, and that scared me more than anything. So, I started to share my experience through vlogs. It was partially to show myself that I was capable of something, that I was able to create and be inspired and produce something from my broken, fragile, self-destructive brain. But also, to let my family and friends know what I was going through. It has morphed into so much more. I wanted to share all facets of my life, to show people the pretty, polished version of myself, as well as the hard, depressed, anxiety ridden self in my vlogs.

Since then, I’ve gotten a job, my perspective on life has changed, and I’m no longer emotionally scraping to get by. I’m happy to say that my husband and I are in the best way we have ever been, and while depression and anxiety are still a huge part of my life, they no longer define me as a human. As a person.

I define me. And I say that I am intelligent, creative, awkward, socially inept, striving, caring, and a complete and unapologetic nerd.

This is where I share. This is where I create. I write, and share my fitness story and goals. It’s also where you can find a complete list to all of my YouTube videos since the very beginning.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me. And if you ever feel like typing out what comes to your heart and mind, feel free to do so. I always want to hear where other people are at in their lives.

As for the name, it is an amalgamation of me as well. I have a love of reading and writing. I was reading a book called The Boston Girl and in the book, she made a hat and one of her friends said that it was very à la mode. I didn’t understand what that meant, so I looked it up.



  • IPA(key): /a la mɔd/


à la mode m, f (invariable)

  1. in fashion

When I was thinking of names for my channel, I really wanted something that not only reflected who I am, but also drew people in to find out more about me and my channel and my life. I knew that I wanted to include my being a huge nerd into the title. After all, there have been very many nerdy conversations, movies, quotes, video games, science experiments, etc., in my life to qualify me as not only a geek, but a nerd. I looked around a bit and I couldn’t figure anything out. Then, someone commented on one of my videos. She said that my outfits were so on trend with geek influences. And I responded with, “Well, that’s my life.” And then it occurred to me, I was a fashionable nerd. No Urkel over here. After going through many name options, I remembered back to my book.

à la mode

The rest is plain to see.

That is how Nerd à la mode was born.


Here’s to the future, the present, and the past. Let us strive for one, live in the other, and learn from the last.